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There are three main components to my work.

Let us guide the children to love the earth and all her creatures, before we ask them to save them.

WILDLIFE matters



Teaching children about animal behaviour, and how to respect and empathise with animals, is critical to guide children to adulthood where they can recognise that abusing or trafficking animals is not ok.

Crimes Against Wildlife

Crimes Against Wildlife

Wildlife crime and animal abuse is an international problem. Working with partner organisations we can contribute to solutions to obtain intelligence and provide assistance to locate key resources in your location.



The problems of wildlife trafficking and animal abuse are far too complex to find just one cause and one solution.
Therefore it takes more than one person to stop it. Let us all work together.



Site management

Running a not for profit organisation can be very time consuming so I can ease your workload by mananging your website.  This includes search engine optimisation and security updates as well as adding any new features as needed.



I provide consulting for not-for-profit organisations, businesses and individuals for your online presence. I can train you or I can use my team to fix, improve, or get insights on your existing or build a new website. 20+ years experience.


Social Media

I can write content for your social media focussing on a broad range of topics including wildlife, conservation, and environment, depending on your target audience. Engaging your followers is a great way to increase the reach of your posts.


Photo enhancing

Having great photos can make a huge impact on your website, social media, and brochures. If you have such a photo but it has elements that shouldn’t be there, or parts of the photo is a bit blurry, I can tweak it so that it will be that amazing photo everyone wants to save.


Graphic Design

I can work with you to design brochure for your specific project, through to print ready. My graphic artist can also a create logos that will provide your organisation with a professional and polished presentation.


Content Writing

Blogs and articles are very helpful to drive traffic to your website. They also give your readers to understand your objectives and read about your achievements. By linking between your social media and website, will also improve your visibility.


how can I help?